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Solar Project Funding

Bancxchange LLC Finance Consultants

Bancxchange LLC is committed to Financing commercially-viable solar PV systems that make  sense for our investor base. In this way we help create energy independence and a foundation of clean power for the USA, and around the world

We achieve this by dedicating resources to financing from the first viability studies through funding to electricity delivery.

Financing – the key to solar success

At the foundation of any successful solar energy project is a sound financing plan. Bancxchange LLC is one of the top companies  in the development of financing vehicles for renewable energy. Whether you are an investor, a developer, building owner, CEO or public sector director, Bancxchange LLC has the proven experience to rapidly configure your financing plan, featuring:

  • Clarifying the latest federal and state solar incentives
  • Analyzing financial statements and recommending debt, equity, and JV capital models
  • Reviewing, negotiating and finalizing the financing and loan agreement

It is imperative that  renewable energy projects must be realistic in scope, and the results achievable and fundible. Public and private sector investors must be able to recognize the tangible financial advantages of the energy projects.

Bancxchange LLC is a recognized leader in making these capital intensive projects financially attainable, by attracting investors (investment groups, funds and banks) and using custom-designed financing vehicles, including:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Joint Venture (JV)
  • Leasing Agreement (LA) – Leasing can provide an ideal solution for those companies looking primarily to use a solar energy system for its environmental benefits rather than for reduced electricity costs. Other organizations use the Leasing vehicle when looking to implement a solar system without incurring capital outlay.
What do we look for in a solar project?
  • Commercial only (no residential projects)
  • 500 kW or larger only
  • Alternative Energy projects only
  • Projects must be mid-to-late stage in development
  • Municipal/school district projects welcome
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